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Required Approval Process Nintex O365

Hey all! Need a little help here with an O365 workflow build. We are using "Start a Task Process" in the hopes of setting up an approval that needs ALL THREE of the approves to OK the item before moving on to the next stage. Problem is the workflow is APPROVING regardless if someone rejected. I've played around with state machine a bit, but am still getting an approval regardless if one person rejects. I thought about setting up a query, but am not sure if there's an easier way to do it (and not 100% sure of how to set up the query). I'm learning Nintex for O365 as I go, so any help would be incredible!!! Thank you!!!

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Re: Required Approval Process Nintex O365

@Bobyrickson For this you should be able to use the Start a task action, add all users and then under assignee options. You should see the completion criteria that makes most sense depending on what you are wanting. Do note that if you have this set and the defualt outcome is approved, it will more than likely be approved even if someone rejects it.image.png


If you want the rejected to affect the outcome, then think of reversing it so that rejection becomes the default and all approvals makes it an approved criteria.


Hope that helps.

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