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Request Data Substitution in Office 365

First let me start with I have reviewed this post https://community.nintex.com/t5/Nintex-for-Office-365/whats-the-optional-one-for-quot-Request-data-q... on how you can create a new content type associated to the Workflow Task list. My problem with that is there is no way of storing input from that work-around into a variable in the current workflow.


I what to be able to assign a user a task action a get them to input information that directs the path of the workflow by storing that user's input in variables.


Am I missing something or am I making this far to complicated? I'm in the process of moving from on-prem to o365...


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: Request Data Substitution in Office 365

We implemented couple of similar processes, its not that complicated.


For Request review / data,  you can follow below steps,

  1. If you want to store the user's inputs in list, create the columns in the list (not in task form). If you just need it for workflow, create the variables in the worklfow. We can access variables and list columns in task form
  2. In the assign task process action, edit the nitnex form and Set the default value to the outcome choice field to Approved and hide it (We use Reviewed in place of Approved)
  3. Now we have only comments field and as we already have other required fields, add them to form
  4. If variables, they are avaialble to left bottom, you can drag them. And if the field type should be different like choice, drag from general and connect the fields to the variables already created
  5. if you want to use the list columns, when you drag the List columns, by default they would be in Disalbed, make sure to enable them in Appearance section in settings
  6. save the form and close it
  7. Now we know the process output is always approved(from step 1), using the variables / Current list item column values you can build your workflow logic.
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Re: Request Data Substitution in Office 365

Thanks @Lucky 

your solution of using an Assign task action, then hiding the task outcome options with a default value worked for me.

In my case I changed approved to Completed and set Completed as the default outcome.


I often used the request data action in nintex for sharepoint to assign a to do task that a person needed to complete an action rather than make a decision. 

This has worked for me.


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