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Remove a value from drop down control

Hi ,

I have a requirement to remove a value from the drop down list as the user no more needs this value to appear as an option in the Drop Down control. The dropdown is a list look up control and references a list called Rework - Location. The lookup  is configured as below 


I tried using the filtering Option as below where only Active values are shown in the dropdown. 



This solution works fine for New requests and shows only the Active = Yes values in the drop down control. 


The problem is with already created list items which had the Rework Location selected as the value which I set to  Active = No in the Rework Location list.  For these list items when the form is opened Rework Location is shown as Blank. 


Appreciate your  help to overcome this and how best to handle this type of situation. I'm using O365 Classic forms. 




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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Remove a value from drop down control

Is there no way to edit the items within the list as it would be easier the delete it than to filter it out

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