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Relate Form B to Form A

I have the following project requirement:


  • someone is filling in Form A (on List A)
  • if certain conditions are met in Form A, they are asked to complete Form B (on List B) - i.e. a link to Form B is shown in Form A
  • an approval workflow runs on the item on List A when Form A is submitted 
  • the customer would like to view all the approval details for the submitted item in List A, including a link to Form B if Form B was required


Is there a way I can relate the line item created in List B when Form B is submitted to the appropriate line item in List A - e.g. in List A there could be a column with a URL to the associated List B line item?

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Re: Relate Form B to Form A

Is there a reference that the user must fill on both forms (e.g. a project number). If that is the case, you can create a workflow on List B that, when the form is created, checks the project number, verifies if that project number is also present in List A, and then update a hyperlink field in List A with the Item URL of List B.
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