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Office 365 Create sites action but site already exists

Hi All,

I'm using the Office 365 Create site action which works fine except when the site exists.

The workflow will suspend itself in SharePoint with "ServiceNoResponse" with the latest output as :The Web site address "/sites/[site requested]" is already in use.

I would like to add error checking either before or during this action so if the site exists not to perform that action.

1) How can I check if a site exists so this action will not be executed.

I went down the path of Web API such as /_api/web/URL but wasn't very successful, and hoping to have a native action within nintex.

2) Because the workflow suspends during this action I can not terminate the workflow based on an variable output.

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Thanks for any suggestion!

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Re: Office 365 Create sites action but site already exists


Manage to resolve this through a web service call and a simple if statement.

My original issue was not passing the Address in Call HTTP Web Service action as a variable, for some reason plain text would not work.

If the web service call is responds back with "NotFound" then begin the Office 365 Site Creation Task.

I'm still open to suggestions.

"New Variable 19" is the site I will be looking up i.e.

This needed to be passed as a variable as for some reason in plain text it would not work.

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