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Nintex workflow for phased approval

Hi There,


I have a requirement where approval happens in phases. In the first phase the initiator submits some basic information (basically project initiation phase). The team lead would approve it. Once the approval is complete and the budget is allocated then the user can modify the form and enter more details about the project. This would initiate the 2nd approval process. This would involve the stake holders and the general managers to approve. Once the 2nd phase of approval is complete then the initiator can give monthly updates (which includes year to date spend, forecast end date etc) until the project is complete. May I get some suggestion on how I can achieve this.


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Re: Nintex workflow for phased approval

Hi Nausheen,

One of the way to approach is to sequence the task as follows

1) Initiator to fill the form and initiate the approval

2) Team lead approval assign tasks with desired outcomes

3) Form based task for initiator to enter budget and more details with outcome of "details complete" 

4) GM Approval assign task

5) Initiator completion assign task action


Let me know if you have any further questions



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