Nintex office 365 workflow on sharepoint Library

Column of type single line text is created.

I have a library where document is to be copied to another library which happens by triggering workflow on library1 after field is change to "Yes". On Modified i added a condition as column value is equal to Yes.

Workflow is not triggering when field is change to Yes from another workflow. Where as triggering when changed field is changed to "Yes" manually.

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Re: Nintex office 365 workflow on sharepoint Library


Yes, this is by design, a workflow can't be triggered by changing values using another workflow.

How I work around this is by using 'start workflow' action from Library1 workflow, this needs a couple of steps:

1) Query library2 from Library1 workflow using a 'query list' action and find the related item(on which workflow 2 needs to start)  using any known parameter (id, file name etc.),  if there is none you need to create one

2)Query action  using the 'parameter' as mentioned above needs to fing 'id' of the relateditem. Store the item Id in a variable

3)Use 'the item id' variable to start workflow on library2 


Let me know if you need any further help in producing the above solution, hope this helps

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