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Nintex office 365 Task approval using API

Hi Team,


Is there any way where in we can approve Nintex flexi task without Task form. Like we can create some custom form where we can load task data and approve the task using REST API.


Issue : We are currently using Nintex Task forms which takes 10-15 seconds of time load the form and almost similar time to approve the task, Management is not at all happy with this load time to approve single task. (We just moved to Office 365 and in on-prem it was pretty fast, I understand the difference in the architecture).


So i am thinking to create some custom page in SharePoint and allow approver to approve any task from there directly without opening the task from.


P.S - Lazy approval won't work as approver needs to see some documents or attach some documents.


Kindly suggest.





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Re: Nintex office 365 Task approval using API

Yes you can approve taks with only SharePoint REST API. A nintex is a SharePoint task.


So you just have to fill some fields of you Task items.

The fields that you need to fill is : 


- PercentComplete (value : 1)

- Statut (Value : Completed)

-Checkmark (Value : 1)

- outcome field (Value : value of you decision)




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