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Nintex for Office 365 url in email message

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I am a newb for sure so bear with me.  I have built a list, form and workflow.  The form allows someone to request a new project site be created in the Microsft Admin Center.  The first field in the form is the title of the project.  The workflow contains a number of actions including an email that is sent to the original requestor after the ste has been built.  The email contains a URL to the project.  The first part of the URL is static and doesn't change.  The second part of the URL is the title of the project.  I have been able to concantenate the URL together but only the static part of the URL is linked.


Ex.  https://acme.sharepoint.com/sites/March20thEveningTest3


I can't do a calculated value in Nintex for Office 365.  I can create a label in the form but can't connect the label to a column in the list.  I have tried unsuccessfully to format the column using JSON but have been unsuccessful there as well.  Has anyone run accross this before? 

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Re: Nintex for Office 365 url in email message

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Create a Workflow Variable say, txtURL, that is the result of the "Build String" action with something like https://acme.sharepoint.com/sites/‍{Current Item:Title}‍

Do NOT type {Current Item:Title}, you must selected it as follows:
Select "Advanced Lookup" --> List Lookup --> Current Item --> Title, then clicking Insert.

Then in your email body click the link icon, click in the URL field then in the right column double click on the Workflow Variable txtURL (that was created in the above step.

If this solves the issue, please mark this as the solution. Thank you

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