Nintex classical Form - not connected fields still work

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I have inherited a form with fields, which are not connected to List columns, BUT still get saved into the list. I spent a lot of time trying to find what might be the reason of that - and can't see any possible way of it working, but it still is. Details: 

  • there are 3 dropdwon fields on the form - Availability1, Availability2, Availability3. They are all not connected to the list columns.
  • there is a textarea in the list called Availability. It fully corresponds with the data in the dropdowns. If we change the dropdowns and save - the data will be saved in the Avalability text area. If we open the form after saving changes - dropdowns will display the changes made. 
  • there is NO javascript on the form - checked form settings in both 'Custom Javascript' and 'Advanced'
  • none of the fields have field name stored in a variable, i.e. 'Store Client ID in JavaScript variable' is always set to No
  • checked site masterpage for custom javascripts as well - nothing. checked site content for any files that might have the javascripn - same result.  
  • there is a calculated column on the form, which is accumulating all 3 Avalability forms, but it is also NOT connected to the List Column.

How does it work is a total mystery to me 🙂 any ideas? What am I missing?


Availability dropdown:


Availabilities calculated field: 


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Re: Nintex classical Form - not connected fields still work

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I think I have cracked it.. 

  • someone created 3 columns: Availability1, Availability2, Availability3
  • created a calculated value on the form, which joined all 3 from above
  • Assosiated calculted field with a Text box Availability
  • changed Text box to a text Area (Text areas can't be used as connected columns for calculated fields)
  • removed Availability1, Availability2, Availability3 columns from the list

AND IT STILL WORKS! just tested on a dummy list.. amazing!  

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