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Nintex Mobile App : Rule Validation Function Issue


Iv'e been modifying all the validation in our existing Leave Form in SharePoint Online Using Nintex Form to be available on Mobile Apps. One of our validation that I want to implement also in Nintex Mobile App is the Vacation Leave 2 days ahead filling. Kindly refer to the screenshot for the sample validation.

From_Tablet < dateFile is working just fine however evertime I add dateAddDays function it is not working at all. The validation you see in screenshot is what we are currently using in Nintex Form for VL Validation and it is working definitely fine except for Nintex Mobile, So I was wondering if this function is not working at all in Nintex Mobile App.

Any suggestion?


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Re: Nintex Mobile App : Rule Validation Function Issue

I suggest you to add a new CalculatedValue control al use that value.

I don't remember if it is present on Mobile, but could be an alternative

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