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Re: Nintex Form stuck on 'Loading' in Web Part

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I'm having this issue with the Nintex List Forms Online web part on a Modern SharePoint page in a separate site.

I have a list and related form in a Team Site and trying to embed the form on a separate Communication Site.

I'm able to get the form to embed correctly with the web part within the same Team Site as the list/form. And I'm able to use the basic SharePoint embed tool to display the form on a Communication Site with no problem (other than the horrible sizing experience).

However if I use the Nintex web part on the Communication Site I can see the form load behind a black scrim and the loading message just keeps spinning. The form never fully loads.

I've tested in Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox and IE with the same results.

I also included all the domains listed from Shannis in my HTML embed settings.

This wasn't a problem with on-premise but I'm guessing there's something different happening between the different site collections now.

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