Nintex Form Page Border

Page border of Nintex form is showing up partially and kind of incomplete. All 4 edges are not appearing properly with the form. Form borders are not adjusting automatically with the page height and width. This looks odd when pdf is generated.

I could solve this by following approaches :

1. Increasing page height and width, so as to show up the missing borders.

2. Other wise, override the following style class with new definition. In my case, the border is not required so that i could hide it altogether. Append this style class in the custom CSS under form setting, so that this gets rendered in the form. 

border: 0px !important;

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Re: Nintex Form Page Border

I did with this:

.ms-formbody {border:0px;}


Re: Nintex Form Page Border

Thats good fix.. thanks Jorge for sharing


Re: Nintex Form Page Border

Hi all,


Our UX team are doing some research into our style builder for Universal Forms. We would appreciate your feedback on your current experience in styling your forms in any platform.


If you would like to provide feedback, please fill out the survey at Applying styles in Nintex Forms 




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