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Nintex/Docusign update on when/if the Docusign actions will include multiple recipients?


Issue 1: Recipients can only be 1

To use the Nintex Docusign Populate Template action, I can only add 1 signature.  Even trying to implement a weekly timecard for Employee and Manager to sign is limited to 1 signature. 


I've read reshmeeauckloo post on using a Web Request action and have a Docusign developer account and will test that out but would really like to avoid the complexity it adds to supporting workflows.  This seems easy to add to an Docusign Populate Template action by adding the same number of Recipients and their Role that the Docusign Template has. 


My use case is to have Management, Finance and IT sign off on data submitted by the business before it is added to downstream live systems for use in commerce.  All recipients need to sign off on the accuracy of the data before it can be added to the system(s).


Issue 2: Docusign Authorize Access email when you already have a Production Account

Additionally, the "Authorize Access to DocuSign Account for DocuSign retrieve envelope status" email step that is generated seems overkill if you already have a production Docusign account.   We use Docusign for all of our legal documents.


Issue 3:  Add Item to Collection for Docusign Template Field Names and Field Values cumbersome

My use case has 60+ fields with some being non-Text datatypes (e.g., Date, Choice, Number), requiring some fields to be converted with Build String for things like removing Time from the date.    That is a lot of single step actions in the workflow which would be nice to convert a List's fields into a single collection(s) of Field Names and Field Values.


Any input, workaround or advice on this post is appreciated.  Thanks!

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