Newbie - Convert Person or Group Value to Display Name in O365

I am trying to create receipts for entries into a Nintex Form. 


In the workflow, I am sending an email and the body of the email I want to return the display name for one of my Person or Group fields. right now the email shows i:0#.f|membership|


I tried using a Workflow variable, but cannot figure out how to get the workflow variable attached to the specific field. I can do a list lookup, but trying to isolate to the current entry. 


I tried a userprofilelookup for a variable in the form, but cannot get it to return the value for an item I entered into the form. 


I am sure this is easy, but I have been at it for a few hours now.  

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Re: Newbie - Convert Person or Group Value to Display Name in O365



You will need to query the list and pass to a collection using the ID as a input variable. When querying the list item select the column the people picker is mapped too and then you will select 'user name' property. You will then need to execute get item from the collection and pass to a dictionary variable. There you can isolate item from the dictionary via path ie...




Replace 'thePerson' with your column name.


Pass that to a text variable, and that should isolate the value to be sent via mail.

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Re: Newbie - Convert Person or Group Value to Display Name in O365

Hi @RobBennettCVS,


Easy fix.

1. Click the Contact icon at the end.


2. Select List Lookup.


3. Select the People Column


4. Specify the format. Click the orange icon. You should select Email Address.


5. Remember to click Insert


6. You got the output "i:0#.f|membership|" because that's the Default format. You can also specify the User's display name.


Hope that helps you. 
Appreciate a Kudos if this helps you. 

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