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New Responsive Form: Lookup to Subfolder Metadata

Hi, i have a very specific problem:


I am using the New Responsive Form Designer (in a Subsite) and am trying to use the lookup control to get data from a document library in the site that is above (Site above my Subsite where my Nintex Form is).


That document library contains a folder (Folder on highest level). In this folder there are a lot of subfolders. Each subfolder has specific metadata that i need to get with my lookup control.


I found out that SharePoint does not provide a way to create a library view that only returns subfolders in a library (by using the SharePoint Userinterface). 


However, it is possible to create views that show the folder (on highest level) or all documents within my subfolders, but this doesn't help me.


Through some research I found out that it is possible to create a SharePoint view that only shows subfolders that can be created through Powershell and will then be available normally within SharePoint ( ) 


Since the View could be created, i was also able to select it in my Nintex Lookup Control in the New Responsive Nintex Form, hoping that it would return my values. However nothing was returned by the control.


I then found out, that the same approach works within the Classic Nintex Form and in the Responsive Nintex Form and i receive my values. Unfortunatley these form types have other disadvantages.

It would be really great if i could get this to work in the New Responsive Form for various reasons. 




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Re: New Responsive Form: Lookup to Subfolder Metadata



You can't get folder with the list lookup control. Even if you prepare a specific view.... This is a normal behavior of the method they call. The SharePoint REST API funciton "GetItems" will return only item. Not folder. And in new responsive form, this method is call when you set a view on the control.

You should open a tiket to the support, or create a post user voice and hope that people will vote for you.


Otherwise, instead of using folders, you can use "Document Set", these types of folders are well returned in the new responsive form. But this will require you to redo all the folders in your library.
I have not tested with custom Content Type that inherits from folders.

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