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Moving Folders from one Document Library to another and Creating Document Sets

Hi all,

I'm new to Nintex for O365 and am trying to work out how I could  achieve the following.


We have customer application folders on a network drive that need to be migrated into SharePoint Online; the application folders have the following example structure:


2019-11-07 11_59_09-Clipboard.png

The above represents one (1) customer application folder, there are many like these to be migrated.

Once migrated to SharePoint Online, I'd like to make these application folders, Document Sets so I can casade metadata from the root folder to the documents within the subfolders - additional documents will be added to these subfolders in future as well.

I don't believe I can just change the root folder (600-0061-2019 shown above), into a Document Set as such (please correct me if I am wrong here), and would potentially need to first migrate these application folders first to a "staging" Document Library in SharePoint Online then with Nintex for O365 Workflow, create a Document Set in the target Document Library for each customer application folder, copying each of the respective subfolders and documents into the Document Set that has been created?


I'd greatly appreciate any feedback on the above and how I might go about this with Nintex for O365 Workflow?


Thanks in advance.


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