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Hi all,


I have a question that I have been struggling to come up with a solution.

I currently manage an Excel spreadsheet that has several projects.  Each project is unique and have deliverables that are due throughout the life of the project.  How can I generate an email to capture all excel fields that I need populated within that email for each of those projects?

Secondly, some of those projects have the same project managers.  For those PM's that have several projects, how do I send one email with a list of the projects that have deliverables due.  I don't want to fill-up someone’s mailbox with emails stating the same thing with the exception of the project number.

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Re: Mass Email Communication

In all reality, I would move that excel file to a SharePoint list, then you can run a query list workflow against it, pull all projects, due dates, etc by person name and then email that to them as needed. You could even build that data into a nice one-page document and email it to them with tables and rows etc using the generate document action.


I know that seems super simple, but it really is. 


To do this with excel you would need to read the excel file and then parse that data. That is a lot harder to do and not as much fun. 

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