Lookup field value?


I have a worlkflow runs on a List A. List A has a column CA that is a look up from another list B (text filed CB).So when the user fills the CA, the list brings the value from CB. I want to show the ID of the item being selected in list B? I tried to create a variable vIntX and give it a look upp value as (look upp list B, filed ID when CB is equal to value of CA) ..tried a lot of varients and the worklflow suspends all the time! Any one know how to retrive the ID value of a an item in alist that have look up column, based on that lookup column?



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Re: Lookup field value?

Haven't tested this out, but instead of trying to surface the ID, why not take the value entered from the list, and then query the other list using the query list action to get the data you need. Bypass the whole connecting thing and just go straight for the data?

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