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Look up's not working after writing rules for the list look up fields.

I am having 5 list lookup fields which are getting the data from another list and based on the selection of these fields i am displaying 15-20 calculated fields by lookup formula in calculated columns.I am having 5 calculated columns placed in on the form over the same list lookup fields as shown below.

By default, all the 5 list lookup fields and the 5 calculated fields are hidden and based on the drop down selection the list lookup field will be enabled and visible.

Now the functionality I needed is that if there is a value for the list lookup field and the drop down selection is different the value should be displayed in the calculated value control.

And this working fine by writing rules for hiding and displaying. But the problem I am getting is that when I write total 10 rules for all of them the list lookup fields which are in the form are not working. I checked even with the single rule but still, the result is same lookups are not working on the entire form.

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