Just time, Not date and time - Input time in Nintex responsive form - O365

Hi, I have a form which user need to enter time several times and they want to separate date from time. Once at the top of section they ask for date then they ask for Arrival time, Break time, Lunch time, End time and etc.
We could design this form in 2013 classic form but in O365, all of forms are responsive as users fill them on different smart phone & devices.
Is there any built-in solution to just use the time and not "Date/time"?


Nintex time.JPG

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Re: Just time, Not date and time - Input time in Nintex responsive form - O365

There are a few ways you might be able to approach this and some depend on what you want the output to be. Just one thought, you can still use classic in O365, but would then have to design your mobile and tablet templates (one of the benefits of responsive).


Option 1: you could create a single dropdown for the number to represent the times so that it gives a block of allowed times if you want to keep them separate from the date. 


Option 2. you could frame it in a responsive form, just as you have in your screenshot, restrict the selections to drop downs so that the user can only select 12 or 24 as the hour and then 00 to 60 for the minutes.


Both options are possible. For the backend, you don't need to push this to a date/time field since the available times would be different from the date. You could try and pull all the data together into a string and then set the date value with the string, but I would be cautious about that as you may be overcomplicating it. 


Hope that helps.

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