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Issues with certain datatypes using Query List to build a Dictionary and the Get Item from Dictionary


My requirement is to copy a master (custom) list item across to another list  and also copy the related child list items to a separate source  custom list to a destination custom child list . A Nintex for Office 365 List Workflow once triggered on the master list Item does all the work behind the scenes.  To preserve the master-details relationship I indeed to insert the Title or ID to update a lookup field in  each newly copied child list item. 

Copying the current item using an Insert Item Action works fine.. 

Next I have to deal with one or more child items . I think this means only a Dictionary and a For Each Loop can do this. 

In my For loop, I have quite a few Get Dictionary Item Actions and most work fine ( as long as I ensure I use the static names in the Path)

The issues I current have are:

  1. User field as normally I populate a text variable ( then set formatting options) .. but in this case it suspends the workflow (lovely)
  2. The Rich text field comes back as HTML  (ouch). I guess this regex if the user still wants store rtf

3. populate the lookup field (I have yet to see if this works because of the other issues._

One thing I have noticed that there is  [NAME] Item field i can bring back as a txt variable using the Get Dictionary Item and this is a JSON representation of the List item inc the actual name. value mention above. Should I be using this in both cases. 

Anybody had similar issues?

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Re: Issues with certain datatypes using Query List to build a Dictionary and the Get Item from Dict

Just curious, if you use a create item in the loop for each child item, it should be a one-to-one match on SharePoint field columns, so text to text, people to people, etc. If your source and destination are the same, then creating the child item should be doable without issue. 


Are you seeing something different?

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