How to utilize multiple lists inside one form

Hello All,

I am new to Nintex, but not SP. I am managing a large program of work and have 3 separate lists.

1. Program Details (Name, Date, etc.)

2. Program Financials (Cost, Value, etc.)

3. Updates. (Form developed here)

Note: Lists have the same "Title." I am trying to develop the form on the update list that brings in the data associated from the details and financials list into the same form so that the submitter can review at that time. The List Lookup feature sort of works as it brings me the information needed, but it is in an undesired format - dropdown or radio buttons. I need it in a label or text field. I was able to complete this task is InfoPath 2013, but no longer utilize that platform. Any help is appreciated.  

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Re: How to utilize multiple lists inside one form

Hi Aa_Perez21,


As I understand the requirements you need filtered value from lookup field as text or a label

There are two possible approaches to achieve this:

1) You can create Nintex Form variables using 'parselookup' function to get text value from a lookup control on the form. Then add the variable to a label field or pass it to the desired text field using a form rule

2) Another way is to use 'query list' action on Nintex workflow with required filter to get desired value in a 'collection variable' and then use collection operation - 'get item from collection' workflow action to extract the value and followed by 'update list item' to populate the text field 

Let me know if you have further questions








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