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How to update children folders and documents columns based on parent

Good day fellow Nintexers.  I have a task that I am struggling to accomplish.  We are building a folder structure (I know, I know.  Lets just focus on the task, not the pros and cons of folders vs MMD) to house our controlled documents.  Each customers has its own folder, with part number folders within, and revision folders within that.  There maybe other folders buried within the revision folders too.  I want a status tag on each folder and their documents within.  If the status of any folder changes (at the Revision, part, or maybe even customer level) I want all children files and folders to be updated with that same status.  I have read a lot of information on Web services and, separately, even referenced a post on how to do it  with a query list item (here- ) but I'm not initiated into the rites of web-servicing and the post (I think) is for a query action for SP on Prem, as my action does not contain the functionality called out within the post.  

Anybody have any great insights for me?

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