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How to get to the repeating section data?

Have a Nintex form set. Fields are connected to the LIST that sits behind the form, and that data gets saved there just fine. That same form has a repeating section. I noticed that when the form is submitted, the other non-repeating fields information gets saved in the LIST, but not that of the repeating fields.

If you edit the LIST record, it will open the form and show you the populated fields in the repeating section as it was inputed. Where is the information entered in the repeated fields stored?

I was under the impression that the the data in the repeated fields would also be saved in the same LIST as that of the other fields (ie. the default SharePoint list), but this is not so.

Noticed that the fields sitting inside the repeating field area lost their connection information:

As soon as you move that control outside the repeating section, the connection re-appears:

Why is that the case? What happens once you move that control inside the repeating section? Where does that information get stored?

I would like to be able to read the saves information that was inputed in the repeating section and and use that? Would like to extract it as CSV or combine that with the SharePoint list.

Thank you!


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Re: How to get to the repeating section data?

Did you ever figure this one out? I'm struggling too. I was trying to use this solution but it failed for me.

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Re: How to get to the repeating section data?

I'm not one for just posting a video but I think these should help.


You will need to connect your Repeating section to a "multi-line text field" and then you will see the xml which you can parse via the workflow to extract the data.