How to edit a hyperlink in an email?

This should be fairly easy but for the life of me I can't figure out how to edit an existing hyperlink. I know I can click on the View HTML button when editing an email, but what it shows for the link is completely useless:

  • <a class="ms-rtestate-write draggableToken" contenteditable="false" href="href="#"" link="true" onclick="return false;" reflink="nw-stringbuilder-token-12e5c9c4-25d4-4e9b-afc1-6de5552e9919" reftext="nw-stringbuilder-token-76566aca-6c35-4183-a2c1-77e7ad9d06f5" spellcheck="false" style="color:blue;cursor:pointer !important;">{Task:Related item title}</a>

I am trying to recreate the links someone else made, but don't know what references they used to actually make them.


How can I see the actual string/references that make up the hyperlink?

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