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How to create a table in a Nintex O365 form


I want to create the below table in a Nintex form but couldn't figure out a way. Tried creating the controls inside a panel but the controls won't align properly.












This is how it came out when I tried it. The table needs to have fifteen rows and  "Control Area " column has 15 different values for them. 

What would be the best way to do it?  


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Re: How to create a table in a Nintex O365 form

Sounds like the Nintex Form control "Repeating Section" is a fit.
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Re: How to create a table in a Nintex O365 form

Controls not staying where they were placed has unfortunately been a feature of classic forms since the very first version.


If the panel isn't actually necessary then don't use it. If you need to use the panel (for show/hide etc.), never put a title on it.


In my experience...it's often necessary on complex forms to save the form twice. What I mean is, you move the controls around on the canvas...they look ok. Save. Next time you open controls have moved and are overlapping etc. But then I generally find they can be snapped correctly into place and then once saved for the second time they stay there.


Can you use the new reponsive designer for your form? That allows upto 6 controls across the page now.

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