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Hide Rule On Choice Column In Repeating Section In Responsive Designer Form

I have a Responsive Designer form which has:

  • a choice column "Event Type"
  • a repeating section which contains:
    • a choice column "Execution Method"
    • a field "Promo Code"


The field Promo Code should only show if a particular choice is made both in the Event Type column and the Execution Method column. I wrote a rule to effect this (Hide if EventType!="Product Promotion"||ExecutionMethod!="Promo Code") - but I couldn't get it to work: if I selected Event Type/ Product Promotion and Execution Method/ Promo Code (to reveal the Promo Code field), and then changed the Event Type to something else, the Promo Code field didn't hide.

I played around with the form and ended up moving the Execution Method into a variable - VARExecutionMethod - and returned that variable in a Calculated Value, which showed me that in a repeating section the values in a choice column are returned with brackets, so I changed the formula to (Hide if EventType!="Product Promotion"||VARExecutionMethod!="[Promo Code]") and it works. 

But: I also have a repeating section within this repeating section, which also has a field which is shown/ hidden depending on the value in a choice column and in that case I haven't needed to use this method  - a regular rule without variables or brackets works just fine.

Also: the formula above which works for VARExecutionMethod doesn't work if I just use ExecutionMethod.

So: I'm confused why this approach using brackets works when a variable is used and not when the control is used, and also why I needed to do this for the Execution Method control in the repeating section, but not for the other control in the other repeating section. Is this perhaps a bug, or something else I'm unaware of, or...?

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