Get users from Azure AD group in o365

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   I am working on a requirement where user would assign a task to an individual who is part of a Azure AD group say in Executives. Client doesn't want to create a SharePoint group to pick user from there. When I am associating AD group with people picker task is assign to all the users, same with "participants".

Is there a way to get a user from that group ? May be saving them in a drop down field or in a list?

I am using Nintex o365 Forms and Workflow.

Please advise.



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Re: Get users from Azure AD group in o365

have you found a way to view the membership of a O365 group?

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Re: Get users from Azure AD group in o365

I am also facing the same issue as above, exploring the action "Call HTTP Web Service" with Microsoft Graph.
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Re: Get users from Azure AD group in o365

I realize this question was asked a long time ago. However, since it hasn't been answered yet, here is what you need to do on a high level:

  • In Azure AD:
    1. Get your Azure AD group’s ID
    2. Register a new Azure AD app
    3. Generate a new secret for the app
    4. Grant the app access to the Graph API
  • In Nintex Workflow:
    1. Use the Azure AD app ID and secret, and your tenant ID to get a bearer token
    2. Retrieve the access token from the bearer token
    3. Use the access token to call the Graph API and get the users from your Azure AD group
    4. The users will come back in a JSON object
    5. Parse the JSON object and generate a collection of user principals


 I've explained how to achieve this in details in the following article:

Take a look and let me know if you have questions.

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