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Get sentence(s) from between delimiters

Good day fellow Nintexer's.  I have a problem plaguing me that I was hoping someone could help with.  I'm trying to set-up a system to send Purchase Orders out to our suppliers.  In the body of the email is a "MailTo" URL that generates the following email response:

This email is going to an inbox where a Flow is set-up to move the body of the email into a SP list.  In other words this:

Gets transferred to the list as this:

I figured out how to run the HTML through a RegEx to get this:

How do I simply get "TEST INFO HERE!" output to place elsewhere?  I cannot seem to find a RegEx example that take into account the supplier may place one word or a paragraph with 1 - n carriage returns between the first "*" and the second "*".  Does anyone have a (simpler) way to do this?

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Re: Get sentence(s) from between delimiters

Have you thought of using a form instead of an email. So you know where the response is going to be, and the user who is responding also knows where to respond?

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