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Get Updated Current User when form goes into Edit Mode

I am using the new Responsive Forms for Nintex O365.

I need to be able to pull in the current user each time the form is opened.  

Currently I have a rule set to populate the current user field when form mode is in edit, but it doesn't work.  It populates it the first time and then never changes names regardless of which user is editing the form.


Nintex got rid of the Form Load rules because they said that the current rules can do the same thing, but in this case, this is not true.  Each time the form loads it should automatically pull in the current user without anyone having to click anything.  How can this be accomplished? 


This was posted before and was never resolved  by Nintex Support.  Instead the poster had to add an additional check box onto the form and the user had to check it in order to force the Current User context to update.  On my form it doesn't make sense to add such a check box.  

Please help! 

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