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Generate Attached List Items as Clickable HTML Links

Hi again. #1 - sorry, I dont think i have Nintex 365 - i have Nintex for SharePoint 2016 but that's not a selectable option. 

If there is a more applicable place to ask my question, please let me know. 

Ok, for my question. I AM DRIVING MYSELF CRAZY!

I get my semicolon list of attachments delimited into a multiline textbox just fine. They show but aren't clickable. Then I have an additional variable (totally just for test) to add HTML to the same output and it just shows the HTML on the form. 

I've used a Rich text box and a regular multiline box and attached the output to a label... nothing is working (see attached for my wide variety of frustrating outputs)

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Re: Generate Attached List Items as Clickable HTML Links

If you're using Classic Forms then there are a couple things that I can think of that may help. When I've done this successfully I've used a multiline text control and modified a few settings:

- Change the Rich Text setting from the default of "No" to "Yes"

- Then a new field will show called Change the type of text to allow, change this from Rich Text to Enhanced Text

Finally, Under the advanced section I'd change the Control Mode from Auto to Display. This will cause the control to always display similar to a label.

Hope that helps!

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