Form field default value from list lookup

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This should be possible, but I suspect it would require javascript rather than just inline functions. On a Nintex Office 365 form, I need to set a default value for a person field from a list lookup if the value on another field meets certain conditions.  This is at the Form level, rather than within Workflow.


If Division_field = {X} and Location_field = {Y}  (first couple of fields filled out by user)

     then set default value of Manager2_field (at bottom of form) to be Manager2 field value from Manager2_List where Location = {Y}.


      default is blank.

Any suggestions or pointers would be very much appreciated.  I haven't done much coding with javascript in this environment so any javascript solutions would need to be verbose.


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Re: Form field default value from list lookup

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You can use the Lookup function within the form controls to populate values for fields. You can also use Javascript and the NWF$ object to fill in values of controls as well. How to query a SharePoint list from another list in Nintex Forms for O365.​ Is a good example.