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Font Name and Font Size for Variables in Workflow Task Email

I am using O365 workflow. For my task emails, I am trying to use any font other than Times New Roman, but no matter what I do, my variables all use that font. In the task settings, I am highlighting the entire email body and selecting the font & size I want, but it never "takes" for the variables.

See below - in the first line, the name and department are variables, then the rest of the line starting at ", has returned RLA..." is not. So Barb's name and department are in 12pt TNR, then the rest is  14pt Calibri, which is what I selected. My workaround was to make the whole email TNR, but I hate that font and I want to change the size. There's no custom CSS for New Responsive forms or workflow task forms, and the task form is set to the default Open Sans. Where are the variables picking up TNR and how do I change it? 




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