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Extract Multiple Signatures for DocGen Usage

I have built a form in the new responsive designer that requires several signatures. If the submission is approved the last step is to use DocGen to create an official copy of the form with signatures. 


My issue is I do not understand how to get each signature (attachment) URL into a unique variable so that I can tag them accordingly in the DocGen template.


Using Euan Gambles great video seen here I have successfully added 1 to the document, but the names of the attachments created do not appear to have any consistency. 

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Re: Extract Multiple Signatures for DocGen Usage

I had asked a similar question here-


Then I found this blog post that helped me get it working-


Later, I found Euan Gamble's video tutorial.  His method seemed simpler than the method I used, but maybe it only works for 1 attachment, not multiple.

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