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Execute SQL Action: Results in XML in bad format

I am using Execute SQL Action in Nintex Workflow and I need to get some data from an SQL database in Azure (it is a test database at the moment).


This action only allows me to get one column per query and I need more than one column to be retrieved. If I store the "Results in XML" in a collection or a dictionary variable, it always shows me the XML in an incorrect way (attached image):



My properties of the SQL Action are the follow: 



Does anyone know if it is possible to get all the columns at the first time in a correct format?

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Re: Execute SQL Action: Results in XML in bad format

This looks like 2 bugs and you should open a case with Nintex.

1) It dropped all the open tags like the following:

2) looks like it's doing carriage return, line feed column delimiters

The XML value in the Collection/Dictionary should have been:

When you execute the statement in SQL Management Studio do you get this output something like this?
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