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Embed Image from List Column into Workflow Email

I have a library where a user will add an image as supporting metadata on a document. When the workflow kicks off, a task will be created and an email will be sent to a set of users. In that email body, I would like to embed the image that is included as metadata in the body of the email. I am running into issues making this happen. I am able to get the url out of the field and create a link to the image, but it would be ideal to get the image embedded into the email itself. Included a screen shot of my column of data. 


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Re: Embed Image from List Column into Workflow Email

Unfortunately, you may have to jump through a ton of hoops to get the image to display in the email. While it is possible to embed an image within an email, if you go through the process manually, you will see how it doesn't allow for variables which would be the main way to make that dynamic.


The easiest thing may be to just include the image as an attachment which most email platforms do interpret and present rather well these days. 


Hope that helps.



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