Email an unknown amount of Documents

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I am using O365 and I'm trying to get the Send an Email action working with an unknown amount of documents.

Basically we want to attach everything that is in our Request Files area for this item.  This could be anywhere from two pdfs to ten and there is no standard naming conventions.


I was hoping to either zip them together and use that as the defined attachment or find a way in Send an Email to have it take a list to attach instead of a specific file.


Has anyone tried this before?

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Re: Email an unknown amount of Documents

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If you use the Send An Email action using External Email and Attachment option, you can add multiple attachments using dynamic variables.  

As this needs to be preconfigured, the only option here is to include a switch statement with say 10 braches and copy the send an email action to each branch and ensure that the attchments predefined match the branch.  Eg Branch 2 has 2 attachments.


Query your doc library for your collection of documents, loop through the collection, save the url for each one to seperate variables (eg. strAttachment1, strDocument2...) and based on the number of documents the switch statment handles which Send an Email action to call.


Not ideal but should work.

Note: Sending multiple attachments in an email could be problematic with email services once the total size of the attahcments reaches a certain amount. The Nintex send an email max size is 20MB.

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