Dynamic Cover Letter

Hi community!


Case: Provide a dynamic cover letter for a documentation package we are automating with Nintext DocGen.


Goal: Provide numbered list of all templates included in the generated doc package.


So, we have 60+ templates included in this specific doc package. I've created template logic based on Salesforce fields to include certain templates depending on the requirements of the specific opportnuity.


How can I create a dynamic word template that includes specific titles listed on a cover letter to reflect the same logic. So if we only have 15 templates selected based on logic then I only need 15 line items reflected on the cover letter as templates included in the package. Think of this as a book title page that highlights all the chapters in the book. Our cover letter should be dynamic and highlight all the titles of the doc templates included in the package. Please reference the image attached to see the style of list I need.


Who can help me figure out the best approach to handle this task?

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