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Document Generation trial quota & APP ERROR

I am working on a time sensitive app for one of our departments for which I felt Nintex form & workflow is perfect for the app needs and it works beautifully. (As always! Easy to setup, easy to customize, easy to task any and all approves and very easy for them to approve )

One last requirement of theirs(and most desired for them) was that the final approved form with electronic signatures be

  1. a) Printable
  2. b) Shared with final group  of users without the attachments in the form which the group should NOT need to see.

I used Document Generation action that was available for us to address the above final requirements and it works I envisioned it to, except I have a couple of questions that need clarifications before I go further down this path. I can always find alternative solutions for accomplishing this but would LOVE to use Document Generation action as it could be very handy and useful for several of our end-users.

  1. As seen in the below image, I get a warning in the “Document Generation action settings” We have licensed versions of Nintex for O365 apps for our tenant and I didn’t understand what this warning meant. Anytime I edit the document template, the quota keeps decreasing. We are fully licensed to use Nintex for Office 365 form and workflow apps in our tenant.
  2. When I Edit the template in word, (I was prompted to trust the app the first time and I did it and was able to insert variables from my workflow without issues). But now, I am prompted with “APP ERROR We can’t start this app because it isn’t setup properly”

  3. Do you know what could be causing this issue? We are looking into demoing this action to our customer soon and I am hoping to impress them with the coolness of document generation action.

Please let me know when you get a chance if I missed some steps in-between while configuring the action/ while adding the app to Office.

Frank Field​ There you go Posted the question here and if I find a solution, I will make sure to followup with update so others can benefit from the same. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! You are the best!

Drawloop support ticket details for the issue.

Case number: 00105938
Subject: FW: Document Generation -quick question
Case reference ID: ref:_00D90q6Cb._500901C5mBx:ref


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Re: Document Generation trial quota & APP ERROR

Thanks so much!

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Re: Document Generation trial quota & APP ERROR


Just a friendly reminder for you - do you have any feedback you can share with us?