Disable Submit button on Edit Mode

I am using the Nintex Responsive Forms with SharePoint 0365.


I have a form, where the user enters some data which goes to a SharePoint List and also triggers a workflow and assigned to the Manager for Approval. The user should not be able to come back and edit the form. Even though the user has view only rights for the item in SharePoint, the user is able to open form in edit mode. 


I want to disable the Submit button in Edit Mode, am unable to do this with Rules as the only parameter we can update is the Submit button text. I can disable all the input fields, but Submit button is still enabled.


Any Suggestions?




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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Disable Submit button on Edit Mode

@sujithpp Currently there is no way to hide or disable the action panel in a new responsive forms, you could use responsive forms to do this if needed. As you mentioned if you set the other fields to disabled that should stop them making changes in edit mode. If you would like to suggest this feature you could do so on our uservoice(

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