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Development, UAT, and Production Environments, and migrating Nintex Workflows Between them

Hello everyone. I've come to the community for suggestions on this topic as it seems we cannot find a solid answer/solution.


We have setup development, UAT, and production site collections for workflows. We have built our solution an a specific manor which includes using custom content types for form lists and task lists. What is the most reliable way to migrate and move lists, forms, and workflows from one site collection to another? We currently have a ShareGate license and seem to always experience issues after a migration such as task forms not opening in the Nintex Forms handler but instead in the SharePoint list interface. We're investigating these issues with ShareGate but I wanted to know if anyone here has suggestions or luck with any other tools/methods? From our understanding we have the following things that would need to be migrated:


  • The workflow list itself (structure)
  • The associated task list (because it may contain custom content types used for custom outcomes)
  • Nintex Form
  • Nintex Workflow



Thanks in advance.

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