Determine if workflow is in Development mode

Is there anyway in a workflow to determine the "Assigned use" during runtime?  When doing development I would like to change who the e-mails are addressed to.  Rather than trying to create a variable and then needing to make sure it is changed, I would like to just see what the Assigned Use is to know that.

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Re: Determine if workflow is in Development mode

Becuase the assigned use has nothing to do with the workflow logic, it is not possible to do this from within a workflow.


If you have built a workflow and want to flip email addresses, the easiest way is to create a workflow variable for email addresses and possibly set that in the beginning of the workflow using the "set a variable" action. After that, when you want to flip it to production, you can update that action and all other actions will pick up the new variable value. 


You will have to open the workflow to modify the assigned use anyways, so this step is not redundant.

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