Create PDF for large document template without using too many variables

Version: Nintex Forms for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow for Office 365
List: One master and three children list
Requirement: Generating 400 pages document by filling in place holder on the word document with data from the list information
Issue: There are good no of dropdowns on the form which takes one variable for every option on the dropdown (choice type) to be used on the PDF generation, for example an dropdown have choices one to ten, then on the document those choices would appear as ten checkboxes from checkbox one to checkbox ten

If checkbox five is selected, then we could store the value 'X' on the variableFive to show its selected and rest of the variables would be blank

Choice one [ ] ,variableOne - ''

Choice Two [ ] ,variableTwo - ''

Choice Three [ ] ,variableThree - ''

Choice Four [ ] ,variableFour - ''

Choice Five [X] ,variableFive - 'X'

Choice Six [ ] ,variableSix - ''

Choice Seven [ ] ,variableSeven - ''

Choice Eight [ ] ,variableEight - ''

Choice Nine [ ] ,variableNine - ''

Choice Ten [ ] ,variableTen - ''

Client needs to see all those ten choices on the document unfortunately. Is there is any better way to handle it by using one or minimum number of variables please.

Again, would it be better to have the documents be split to three as one document for every child list using three different workflows and then to have a separate workflow to combine those three to one? Is it possible to combine three documents into one dynamically, by attaching document templates dynamically on the Document Generation action. Thanks



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