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Copy Item Action with People Fields

I am using the Copy Item action in a workflow to copy a list item from one SharePoint site to another so that processing of the request can continue from one department to the next (the two departments want to keep things separate).


The list contains a people field. When the list item gets copied, it does not copy with the same person in this field. The error seems to be consistent, as when it copies it uses the same wrong name for each person. For example, Mickey Mouse in the source always ends up as Daffy Duck in the destination, and Daisy Duck always ends up as Elmer Fudd. 


Has anyone else experienced this behavior? If so, is there a fix? I submitted a support ticket to Nintex and I am waiting for their response.


On both sites I looked at the hidden user list (group 0) to see if the names corresponded to the user IDs on each site, and they don't. So the problem does not seem related to the this.

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