Cascading Drop Down – With Nintex Form in O365

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Just tried out the Cascading drop Down feature in O365, and I wanted to share the experience

First thing first, why will you need “Cascading Dropdown”? | Because it’s “User Friendly

Example: create a form where user can choose a value in a
“Country” field then the next field “City” will filter and display the cities
for the chosen country.


Nintex Form for O365

One SharePoint Main List

Two support SharePoint List

First create a support list named Country:

Then create a second support list named City | in the City
List create a lookup column “Country” with lookup to the “Country List”

My main list is named “CascadingDropDown” | it has three
columns | Title | Country (lookup to country list) | City (lookup to city list)

In the ”CascadingDropDown” list in the ribbon choose to
customize with Nintex Forms

This will send you to the Nintex Form Designer view | we
won’t make any big changes to the form just the “City” field control

Double click on the City
field control to bring up the control settings | we will filter the selection
based on the “Country” field control

Save and Publish your form | when adding a new item you can
now choose “Country” and “City” will filter the selections available

Great Works on bringing this cool feature to O365, thank you!


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Re: Cascading Drop Down – With Nintex Form in O365

Thanks for the detailed walkthrough :-)

I can confirm that this also works in Nintex Mobile whilst the mobile device is offline, which is a great bonus!


Re: Cascading Drop Down – With Nintex Form in O365

Take this to the next level with this script from Aarti Shaw‌  

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Re: Cascading Drop Down – With Nintex Form in O365

What will happen if the source list has above 5k items?

Because my source list has 12k items but it is not working.

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Re: Cascading Drop Down – With Nintex Form in O365

Good day Fernando,

I have to create a Nintex form with  a list that needs Cascading Drop-Downs in this order:

1. Department

2. Service

3. Category

4. Sub-Category that shows unit of measures

Do i have to do the following:

Create a List for Department

Create a list for Service that includes lookup to Department.

Then a list for Category that includes lookups to Department and Service.

Then a list for Sub-category with measurements and lookup to Department,Service, Category

or would you suggest otherwise?

many thanks

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