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Calculate Less than or Greater than

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So I have a Reimbursement form where individuals will get reimbursed for Days they use Phone for work.  I am using a Repeating section in the form, I can calculate the number of days they use Phone. What I have having issues with is Calculating amount.  so if they use the phone <=10 days get $10 per day.  If it is >10 & <21 days they get $15  >20 they get $20.  So I used this calculated value and Variations of it but only thing I could get back is TRUE.  Total days <=10*10  or Total days(<=10*10) 

This is what I tried First Total days <=10*10||Total days>10&&<21*15||Total days>20*20  

What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Calculate Less than or Greater than

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I would suggest using a nested if statement...
If(Total days=<10,'10', If(Total days<20,'15','20'))
In words ->
If total is under/equal 10, result is 10
Otherwise, if total is under 20, result is 15
Otherwise, result is 20

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