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Bad positioning due to rules

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Hi everyone,

When applying rules to panels, things can go bad, Sometimes controls are overlapping, but what's happening here is even different.

By default, the controls are hidden. Depending on values, I display specific fields. I added a background color, so it's easier to see what's going on.

Form designer

If I select "New Product" as a request type and "Blended Product" as a manufacturng equipment. Everything looks fine (see picture 1)

Then I change the value for the manufacturing requirements to another value, and set it back on "Blended Product". Here what it looks like (picture 2).

If you do this several times, the red panel just keep going up, the yellow one does not seem to like it neither.

As you see, the controls are overlapping at runtime. In my designer nothing is overlapping, and everything is in panels.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

I know that we are supposed to put controls in panel, and that the order of the rules is important.

I followed the best practices, but I have been struggling for days.

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Re: Bad positioning due to rules

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Hi Allan,
Sometimes the calculation of the position of the fields does not calculate the correct value. This happens when you have a rule applied to several controls.
The idea is to force Nintex to apply rules in the correct order. The only way to really be sure is to have seperate rules.
I've also had this error, and this was the only way that worked.
I've tried to change the order of the rule, to add the controls on the rules depending on the order on the forms, to no avail.
Having separate rules is the way to go : create same rules, not duplicate them

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