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5000 request limit was reached

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Hello Community,

My workflow was suspended with the following issue:

Details: The instance has exceeded the outbound http request quota for a 1.00:00:00 time period. The 5000 request limit was reached in 20:30:58.6858429.


My question is less about why this error happens and more about what constitutes an "outbound http request".  Does this count for every modue that accesses an item on sharepoint or each 'current item' within the moduel that is accessed?  Meaning if I am doing the below in one build string module:

"‍{Current Item:salesUserId}‍"
,   "jobTitle": 
"‍{Current Item:Project Name}‍"
,   "orderQuantity": 
‍{Current Item:QuantityBand}‍

Does that count as one hit against me or three?  

Also is it only 'Current Item' objects that count or does it also count workflow variables?

My work flow is large (~250 modules) and I want to gain understanding about how these issues come up.



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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: 5000 request limit was reached

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This error is coming from Microsoft.
Please see their article about throttling and the explanation you are looking for “What is a request”.

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