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Nintex Newbie

alternative to using on premise "List ID" variable in modern workflows

Can someone please show me how to configure this same workflow in O365? I have a workflow built for my on-premises site that works great…but it utilizes a “list item ID” variable. This type variable no longer exists in O365….so I don’t know what type of variable to use to capture the item ID in my Resource Tracker List and compare it to and/or add it to my Submittal List.


  1. Submittal List
  2. Resource Tracker List

When I create or update an item in the Submittal List, I want a workflow that will do the following:

  1. Check to see if the item already exists in the Resource Tracker List.
    1. If it does…I only want the workflow to update the fields that have changed. (if I update a field in the submittal list…that field would be updated in the existing record in resource tracker).
    2. If it does not…I want the workflow to create a new record in the Resource Tracker by copying the specified fields from the Submittal List.

This is how I have the workflow configured in SharePoint on-premises…and it works just fine.


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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: alternative to using on premise "List ID" variable in modern workflows

Since the list item ID is just a number, you can store the value in the number variable in the Office 365 workflow.

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